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Be on the jobsite, even when you can’t be

November 13, 2017

Matt Daly

Have you ever thought about how insanely productive your project team could be if anyone on the project could just be on the jobsite at a moment’s notice? Think about all the times you’ve had a conversation with another member of the project team about the status of something on the physical jobsite, but neither of you were there. Did you put on your gear and just walk out there? Did you spend a bunch of time taking pictures, marking up drawings, then drafting a beautiful email describing what’s going on in the field? The cost of these activities is extremely high, they kill productivity.  There is a better way…

Communicate in Context

Our team at StructionSite has been working to bring you a solution to this problem. Our goal is to let anyone, anywhere on the project team communicate in the context of the real jobsite from their mobile device or browser. This requires two key ingredients:

1. The context of the physical jobsite, including the location on a drawing and a 360 photo
2. A method for communicating within that context

A few months ago we announced we were building a live chat feature which would work directly inside a 360 photo.  This means anyone on the project team can jump into StructionSite and have a real-time conversation with all the right context:  the location on a drawing, the exact location within a 360 photo, and the entire history of the conversation. This is a superpower that the building community has long needed, and we think it will change the way the industry communicates forever.

The video below shows how a new note is created at a specific location within the 360 photo to identify a conflict between framing and plumbing, then the plumber is ‘@’ mentioned and pulled directly into the conversation.  The plumber receives a notification that brings them directly to that location within the 360 photo then, using voice-to-text, allows them to respond instantly to the question being asked. Both people are ‘on the jobsite’ having a conversation, despite neither of these people being at that physical location. This is how winning project teams get the right information to the right people at the right time.

We are just scratching the surface with this feature and welcome your feedback. It currently only works on mobile devices but will be brought to the web application within the next few weeks to give all project stakeholders, wherever they may be, this capability.

You can check out all the latest product updates HERE.  Please share your thoughts with our team via or if you happen to be at #AU2017 this week, stop by the booth, #D213 and see us!