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The Importance of Context-Based Site Documentation

June 24, 2019

Chris Jervey

Fixing the leak

A customer of ours recently told us about a leak they had on the job site. Rather than tear out a whole wall to find and fix the broken pipe, they hopped into StructionSite, quickly located themselves in the right room, pulled out photos from the right time, and identified the location of the leak all within 20 minutes and from the job site trailer. They then opened a small hole in the wall and fixed the broken pipe. How much time and money does that save?

Creating context quickly

It seems obvious today that using photography to document the progress of a project is a necessity, but we’re still embracing and realizing the value of time and space context for that documentation. So many of our customers initially came to us asking for an improved way to:

  • Speed up the photo capture process
  • More quickly access those photos.

They may have had a plan, and a process for documenting the site, but the capture process was slow and low-quality. ‘Using a phone to take six standard photos per room!’ The photos were either stashed in a project photos folder or album or never made it off the camera onto a drive or a document or project management tool. What’s worse was when they needed to address a specific issue or to respond to a claim, it took forever to identify the source of the issue if they could find the documentation at all.

Additional value from job site walks

VideoWalk is the clear answer for speed of capture, with many of our existing customers seeing substantial time savings in their process. Some use that time to more frequently capture; others use the time to proactively communicate with a GC or subs, or just get home to their families quicker. However, all of our customers realize the value they see in being able to find the source of an issue within minutes, without even having to visit the job site.

Documenting for quick resolution

Having the time and space context to locate and assess an issue quickly or to resolve a conflict is an absolute must in the super-fast, low-margin, litigious world of construction in which we find ourselves. Without it, you are bringing unnecessary pain to a process that can be easily improved.

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