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The critical role of job site documentation

July 8, 2019

Brianna Williams

Jobsite documentation is one of the many required monotonous tasks on a project. The detailed breakdown in the Division 1 General Conditions Specification that outlines the number of photos, locations, size, gloss, and the number of binders. Besides the requirement of the old binders, you also know you need to document for your benefit. Despite knowing all of this, THINGS HAPPEN. The chaos of the project sets in, and it is most likely the first thing to slip your mind. You start the project out with a clear plan of what you want to complete, but realistically there may be one month that gets missed.

Finding what’s been missed

Inevitably the missed month, when that previously referenced chaos was happening, was the month you needed to be documenting the most and in the most organized manner.

Yes, all of your team members may have been whipping out their mobile device to capture the problem of the minute for some urgent RFI. However, one month down the road when you are scrolling through your 1,000 + photos looking for the photo of the problem area you didn’t see coming was ONE FOOT TO THE LEFT…if only that was a 360 photo, and you could pan left to see what you so clearly remember in your head.

Efficiency and organization

So, how can you eliminate this problem? Think efficiency! The folder structure of photos saved by month that the team all drops their pictures IS NOT EFFICIENT. You need to document by location and continuously but in a way that can be accessed. Standard photo capture will not be replaced, but one 360 photo will assume the place of 4-5 standard photos. Going back to the chaos of a job site, there is no time for all of those 4-5 photos across the entire job site. So set your capture points, make a rotating schedule to spread the burden and then don’t forget. Having those photos organized will save you so much time and money later!

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