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Creating efficiencies using reality capture

May 21, 2019

Mike Koski

StructionSite is working with Shiel Sexton on a historic university hotel remodel project. There are three major components to this project, a traditional hotel guest room, and lobby remodel, upgrades of the existing Student Union banquet and meeting rooms and the build-out of a bar/restaurant within an existing public space of the Union. Capturing existing condition information during the pre-construction budgeting phase was critical to controlling the scope and budget for the project.  StructionSite will then be rolled into tracking the completion of the project. The project is approximately 1.5 hours from their corporate office and senior project manager Tyrone Garrison needed a way for the Preconstruction Team to view existing conditions and provide accurate budgeting without the wasted time of driving back and forth every time a traditional photo didn’t provide the proper context for specific areas. The utilization of the 360 photography correlated to the plans provided the perfect platform for this need and proved invaluable to the budget exercise.

Communication in Context

Communication on this project is essential because they are performing this work in an occupied student union and need to have constant contact with the owner regarding logistics. “In both OAC meetings and internal coordination meetings, StructionSite is utilized to better understand existing conditions in the building and accurately communicate the plan to all stakeholders,” said Tyrone Garrison, Senior Project Manager at Shiel Sexton.  In addition to budget and logistics development, they are utilizing StructionSite to enhance coordination with the design team and subcontractors. With design team members being spread out over multiple cities they have been able to review significant design challenges via video conference and the StructionSite platform, again saving time and money, while developing the proper design scope for the project. As this project has a significant demolition scope they have made StructionSite available to bidders eliminating the grey areas that might not be specifically shown on the drawings or viewed/discussed during a pre-bid walk-through. In discussions with the bidding contractors, they have indicated that this will result in a more accurate bid reducing the initial proposal by allowing the bidders to eliminate a lot of the “contingencies” built into their costs due to unknown conditions. The contractor also feels like it will reduce the number of claims during the project with the successful bidder having access to the 360 images during the bid phase.

Integrations for easier workflows

The other area of value for them is that we have an integration with Procore, which is their Project Management software. StructionSite makes it easy to upload drawings from Procore for them, sync images into Procore and create RFI’s and Observations on 360 images. There has been a lot of excitement and discussion on how StructionSite can help with other projects within the company.

Thank you to Tyrone Garrison, Senior Project Manager from Shiel Sexton for insight into your workflows.