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Five items Owners should require in their Documentation Turnover Package

June 15, 2018

Matt Daly

When closing out a project, pulling together documentation should be simple, but often times items can get missed. Owners should be looking for a complete set of documentation that provides specific information regarding the building at closeout including, but not limited to:

  • Certificates of Occupancy (COs)
  • City and State Inspection Reports
  • Structural Engineering Mechanical, Electrical Plumbing (MEP) Reports
  • Structural Testing Reports
  • Architectural Drawings

Questions for Construction Documentation Requirements

As the project is completed, Owners should start by asking the following questions to make sure their documentation package is completed properly.

  • Has there been a defined workflow for our required documentation?
  • Are my documentation requirements being met by the developer?
  • Where is all the information stored?
  • How do I find the information if I need it?

Having a clear, and concise method to organize, store, and complete these items can give you a great deal of benefit at closeout.

Organized documentation = streamlined workflow, increased communication, and improved efficiency!

Five items for Owners to look for in Construction Documentation

The top five items that owners should be looking for in a construction documentation turnover package:

  1. The ability to have the entirety of the turnover package in one location accessible by multiple parties. Nothing decreases productivity more than having to search multiple locations of a document or photo. Items need to be organized in ONE location and in a manner that works for the owner and all responsible parties.
  2. Virtual access to the job site remotely. A digital job site allows parties to be active participants in the project, even if they are unable to be physically onsite.
  3. Accurate photographic documentation throughout the course of a project. Progress photos are key to watching a project develop and catching structural errors early.
  4. An active working turnover package. Items inside the turnover package should be easily updateable and searchable. Documents should be able to be uploaded with ease instead of sitting in an inbox. Updates should be as close to real-time as possible.
  5. Quick access to all architectural details and plans early on in the project lifecycle. Interactive details allow efficient Requests for Information (RFI) from the owner to the architect and/or builder.

StructionSite is key to upgrading your existing job site workflow, accomplishing the five key items owners should look for in a construction documentation turnover package! StructionSite has the ability to transform your documentation into a living, digital job site allowing you to walk the job site from anywhere. To learn more about StructionSite, schedule a demo today!