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Boots on the Ground with New Hardware – Insta360 ONE X

April 5, 2019

Philip Lorenzo

Welcome the New Kid on the Block!

To create the best workflows for our customers, we are focused on innovating our product processes, collaborating with our industry partners, and integrating with the newest technology on the market. Enter the Insta360 ONE X Camera!

The ability to capture in the field

The Insta360 ONE X offers high-quality capture ability and proven its clout on the various trials from the test on construction sites. It produces great quality photos and videos and has been tested in multiple project situations. The “FlowState” internal stabilization puts it in the category of the Garmin VIRB360, at half the cost capturing images quickly as you are moving throughout the job site.

Storage is done on a removable MicroSD Card with max storage of 128 GB. The battery can be removed for easy charging so you can have multiple batteries for uninterrupted field capture time.

  • WiFi Connectivity – connect easily to the camera directly from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Low Lighting – Optimal low light capture capability in those trickier areas that may be closed out, but not lit on the construction site, allows for higher HDR than the Ricoh Theta V.
  • FlowState stabilization- Allows for a smooth capture process while you are documenting the job site.
  • High Resolution for Photo and Video Capture: 5.7K Video, 18mp Photo

VideoWalk™ – Is it coming?

We know what you’re thinking – “When will this technology be available for VideoWalk™?” And the answer is – Soon! We are currently in the development process and working with Insta360 to allow the use of this camera for VideoWalk™ purposes. Once we have a timeline for deploy, we will let project teams know.

The price is a bit higher, but once we have the capability for VideoWalk™, it will be the lowest cost provider for that product.

We look forward to seeing the great reality capture done with Insta360 ONEX!

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