How StructionSite Can Improve Remote Inspections

Priyank Savla
May 6, 2020

As we look for new efficiencies in this ever-changing industry, we are in constant communication with our customers. Through discussions with the people actually putting boots on the ground, we learn more about those our platform serves, how it is improving their workflows and the uncommon ways they may be using our tools.

A topic that has come up often in these talks, especially in light of recent events, is the new ways in which they’re using our platform to improve operations in accordance with remote work and social distancing guidelines.

A specific task that has been mentioned often is inspections. Across the country, the vast majority of inspectors are still attempting to inspect jobsites, but most are avoiding occupied spaces and are limiting their staff to exterior-only inspections. To get around these restrictions, contractors and inspectors are turning to tools like Facetime, Skype and Google Duo, with mixed results.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing the drawbacks to live-video inspections and explain how our customers are utilizing StructionSite to conduct high-quality inspections that will not have to be redone while not risking anyone’s health in the process.

The Problems with Live Video Inspections

While it’s certainly an improvement over postponing inspections, and thus progress; video conferencing apps are not an ideal solution for a few reasons.

  • Fluctuations in video quality due to poor connectivity onsite make inspections difficult to execute.
  • Documentation is non-existent since the inspector isn’t on-site and live videos cannot be saved. This can lead to disagreements over whether the inspection occurred at all.
  • Contractors and inspectors have to sync schedules in order to ensure someone will be on-site to act as the inspector’s guide.
  • The location of an inspected area on the floorplan is difficult for inspectors to identify.

Fortunately, these drawbacks are all remedied by StructionSite features you can utilize today.

How Contractors are Using StructionSite for Inspections

Through the StructionSite platform, our customers have developed their own inspection workflows that are serving their team and inspectors well, ensuring the results of the inspections are documented and projects can proceed. 

Instead of conferencing apps, our customers are leveraging the high-value PDF export using the tags created for specific inspections. These assets are tagged with the date of the photo or video and where precisely it is located on the drawing. 

The tagged photos and videos can also be sent directly to inspectors through Procore® via our platform integration, keeping communication organized and streamlined.

The Value to Contractors

This form of site documentation has many benefits. As it relates to inspections, the most overt value to contractors is the peace of mind that comes from knowing these inspections will hold water. There can’t be any he-said, she-said down the road because the entire digital inspection process is documented.

From a safety and social distancing standpoint, it reduces the number of people physically at the jobsite, since the inspector can review photos and videos of the project on their own time.

It also simplifies the process of organizing a remote inspection. Schedules don’t need to be synched up and video quality is an issue. We also know that even though inspections are planned weeks in advance, they may only be scheduled with 24-hours of notice. Even in that compressed timeline, it’s easy to take as many 360-photos as necessary for the relevant project area to ensure a successful inspection.

The Value to Inspectors

The StructionSite remote inspection process also benefits inspectors! Inspectors are given much better assets to work with, with much more information at their disposal. Even for more tenured inspectors, this form of review is much closer to their normal workflow than using a live video conference.

More than that, inspectors can review more faster, and on their own time. Instead of coordinating schedules and hoping for a quality video chat, they have all the assets they need at their disposal and can work through each inspection in whatever order they choose.

The best part of all this? If you currently use StructionSite, you have everything you need to implement this process TODAY. No additional integrations, tools or functionality is needed. You can start taking more ownership of your inspections immediately.

Want to get started with StructionSite today? We can help!

We’re dedicated to consistently finding new ways to support our customers, even during a crisis. Often, these insights are gained through collaboration with our amazing customers. If you want to learn more about this process or have questions about how your team could implement it, reach out to our support team today

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