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Striving for a Single Source of Truth

September 5, 2018

Matt Daly

How Alex Tanguay from RAD URBAN makes use of StructionSite within Bluebeam to find a “sweet spot” of documentation overlap.

Alex Tanguay, the VDC Coordinator at RAD URBAN, recently sat down with us to discuss his use of StructionSite linked into his Bluebeam Dashboard. We started going over how to link everything inside of Bluebeam documents, and the importance of having a 360-degree photo imported at a strategic location. But, as we discussed this methodology further, we got into a deeper conversation of what is the perfect documentation “sweet spot”, where we can have a single source of truth (SSOT for short) (#buzzphrase) that the industry is so keen on finding?

Taking the case of using StructionSite photos integrated into Alex’s Bluebeam Dashboard. He wanted to figure out the best way of “when does it make the most sense to keep the information in StructionSite, and when to keep it in Bluebeam”? By having these two platforms integrated together, it would make a case towards the SSOT, gaining multiple workflow efficiencies by having information “talk” back and forth. Now, what if that information spoke to Procore as well? #SweetSpot

Most of the platforms in the industry all have viable reasoning to use, but overlap in data duplication. How can we tell the best moment to keep data in one platform, let it be seen across multiple, or let multiple platforms talk to one another?

When we dive into the how and why for users of each platform, what are the benefits of creating a viable workflow to cater to each section of the user based on the products that they use? Making all the Construction Technology companies sing kumbaya for the greater good would be amazing, but it is not something we can hope for.

For now, we can follow the lead of disruptors in the industry, like Alex, who are trying to make the most efficient use of the tools they have, by integrating where it seems fit, and finding that sweet spot of overlap of all the systems in place to make daily life easier.

If you want to hear more about how Alex and RAD URBAN are using StructionSite, and Bluebeam, join us at Bluebeam Extreme Conference on September 17th-19th!