November Release Update: StructionSite App for Android

Priyank Savla
November 14, 2019

The StructionSite app is now available out of beta for Android! This app release has full capturing parity to the iOS application. According to our Android Lead Developer, Petey Light, “Having a reliable mechanism to sync photos and videos is essential to the user experience of StructionSite. With this in mind, we overhauled the entire sync implementation to make stable syncing dependable. After due testing and monitoring the sync metrics, we launched the app.”Similar to the iOS app, this version of the app is available for both phone and tablet users and includes:

StructionSite Android App Features

  • VideoWalk™ - This allows users to walk around a job site while recording a 360° video. After the video is synced to the app, StructionSite will automatically track and stitch a path onto the previously uploaded floor plan. Then, a project team can virtually visit any location along that path as if you had stopped and taken a 360° photo. And, access the new VideoWalk timeline on Android.
  • Navisworks - With this integration on the StructionSite app, you can quickly generate side-by-side 360° comparison views between field-captured 360° images and your coordinated model. These views can serve as your “future progress photos.”

The live version of the StructionSite app on Android supports standard capture with the device camera, panoramic capture with Theta V, Samsung Gear 360, Insta360 OneX and Garmin VIRB 360, and VideoWalk is available for Insta360 OneX and Garmin VIRB360. Download the app to get started and let us know what you think!

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