Ready to start capturing your jobsite with VideoWalk®? Before you begin, you’ll need to assemble the right hardware. To ensure that you’re getting the best possible image quality, here are our recommended setups and various accessories:


For 360 Photos & VideoWalk:

Check out our Camera Buyers Guide for a full comparison of features and things to think about when making a decision for your team.


*Note: our highest recommendation is the combination of the Insta360 One X camera and 2 LED Rechargeable Work Lights with the monopod (see below).

Check out the chart below to view the different light options we recommend, the required hardware accessories for each setup, and examples of the image quality for 360 photos and VideoWalk produced with these different setups.

Additional Camera Hardware

Monopod Setup

The monopod setup allows for easy navigation of jobsite obstacles. Being more customizable, a monopod supports device mounts for phones/tablets, battery packs and lights for darker conditions. Multiple team members can share the monopod to execute capturing sessions with ease.

We recommend holding your monopod close to you with the camera well above your hardhat to ensure an unobstructed 360° field of view. Connect your phone/tablet holder directly to the monopod to make it easier to walk through a busy jobsite.

*Note:  The monopod setup is only recommended to be used with the Insta360 ONE X camera.

Monopod Accessories:

Hardhat Mount Setup

This hands-free method allows users to easily navigate the jobsite and to hold other items while capturing. The hardhat mount also provides a consistent capture level, making it easier to view photos on a timeline afterward.

Hardhat Mount Accessories: 

Having trouble deciding between the two setups? Read this article that lays out the pros and cons of the monopod vs. hardhat mount.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our support team for additional information about our recommended hardware for VideoWalk.

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