The Challenge

When Skanska USA Building started using 360° cameras to capture the progress of their jobsites, Val Tzvetkov, Senior Manager of Virtual Design & Construction, knew it was going to be a big change for their process.

While 360° panoramic images capture a robust amount of information not available with traditional photography, it also presents a challenge. Their wealth of visual data needs to be given context and appropriately organized before it can be useful to the team. Tzvetkov explained that with so much to sort through, he couldn’t find the information he needed quickly enough. Even when he did find the information he needed, it often didn’t come with sufficient detail to best help him problem solve and devise next steps and solutions.

For stakeholders not onsite, particularly those thousands of miles away, reviewing daily progress was a high priority, but inaccessible despite its importance.

The Summary

For Skanska USA Building, StructionSite didn’t replace an existing workflow or introduce a new one. Instead, it enhances, organizes, and supports what they are doing already, making their documentation easier to capture and faster to access.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Skanska USA Building saves time during building turnover and the as-built phase because it has thorough and organized documentation to support the handoff with the offline deliverable. On some projects where simply going between buildings to check progress could take upwards of five hours, the ROI with StructionSite has been greater than anticipated.

Make job site capture a differentiator,
not a time-waster.

Empower Your Team and Impress your Clients with StructionSite.

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