Stiles Construction

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The Challenge

Site documentation of the past was pretty hit-or-miss. Most companies had some documentation, but it could be pretty random and disorganized. This was a headache for all construction companies. But for Stiles Construction in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, comprehensive documentation with Structionsite offered not just relief from the chaos, but proof when they needed it.

The Summary

In conversations on the site, in the trailer, or back at the office, the Stiles team can pull up pictures at any stage of the process. For a new contractor coming onto the job, StructionSite is able to quickly familiarize themselves with the site and the status of different elements with the photographic “digital twin” of the site. When it is time for hand-over to the owners, StructionSite is there with the complete construction history. As Rivera put it “Structionsite is lined up to bring value to all stages of the property lifecycle.” For Stiles Construction, it’s easy to see the value that Structionsite brings to the construction process. Rivera and his team are looking forward to seeing how Structionsite continues to expand and improve the building process. Inadequate site documentation can now be a thing of the past for the Stiles team.

Make job site capture a differentiator,
not a time-waster.

Empower Your Team and Impress your Clients with StructionSite.

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