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StructionSite Leadership & Mission

Our Story

StructionSite’s story began eight years ago when two friends met on a hospital project in California. Philip Lorenzo was a VDC project engineer at a large general contractor, and Matt Daly was an account manager at FARO Technologies, a manufacturer of precision 3D laser scanning and imaging devices.

StructionSite was formally founded in 2016, and in 2017 they added two world-class software engineers as cofounders. Dan Zito and Manuel Zamora rounded out the team, providing technical firepower and software engineering experience coming from places like Google, Tesla and NetApp.

Today, our team continues to grow alongside our userbase, which now includes innovative construction firms across the entire country.

Our Difference

We are proud to be the only intelligent construction management team founded by individuals with real boots-on-the-ground experience.

That differentiator led to the creation of a different type of platform: one built for modern construction teams, solving the problems they’re facing every day.

Make Jobsite Capture a Differentiator, Not a Time-Waster.

Empower Your Team and Impress your Clients with StructionSite.