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upgrade your existing jobsite photo workflow

Email can be the enemy

Ever lost track of a photo that you needed to answer a critical question? Or spent hours searching through emails and RFI’s for ‘that one photo’? Don’t feel bad. We all do it. We snap a photo, email it….leave it on our phone. We sacrifice searchability and organization tomorrow for capture speed today. We are busy!

Same effort, better result

Does your company have a clearly defined jobsite documentation workflow? One that specifies exactly what information should be collected with photos to make them searchable, and where they should be stored? Most companies don’t. And those that do find their field crews still resort to ‘quick and dirty’ methods because the ones prescribed are simply too cumbersome…too many taps and clicks. StructionSite does 3 key things to help you upgrade your existing workflows:

  1. Give photos location and direction intelligence. Now you know where it was captured and facing what direction
  2. Automatically tag photos with date, time, and user information for filtering and fast searchability later
  3. Push photos, along with tagged information, into your preferred cloud or offline storage provider.

Transform your documentation into a living, digital jobsite

Going beyond standard photos

Ready to extend your standard jobsite documentation capabilities and dramatically improve communication on your team? Add a few 360 cameras to your tool belt and we can turn your photos into a living, digital jobsite.

Walk the jobsite, from anywhere

Linking 360 photos to your plans, we allow anyone on the project team to ‘walk the job’ from their phone, browser, or even using a VR headset. Think about all the times you’ve had a conversation about something ‘out there’ (pointing to jobsite). Now your team can solve field problems and communicate in the context of the actual jobsite at a moment’s notice.

See through walls, and slabs

With our X-ray vision workflow, you can walk into a room that has already been closed up and look at the photo of in-wall or overhead MEP, studs, and backing. Want to know what’s in that slab? The same rules apply. With a minimal amount of manual alignment in the field, we let you ‘see through walls and slabs’ by overlaying the real world with the previously captured photography. It’s what we call ‘Minimum Viable AR’, or augmented reality without all the goofy helmets and gadgets.

seen enough?

Talk is cheap. Are you ready to get in there and see for yourself how StructionSite can improve your jobsite documentation and team communication workflows?


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