Quantify Site Progress Automatically Through Intelligent Project Tracking

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Technology has changed the way we work.

But it hasn’t streamlined project tracking, until now.

Despite there being more construction tech on jobsites than ever, production tracking has remained a manual, inconsistent, and labor-intensive process. Instead of solving problems, project teams are spending hours each week manually tracking production. A project’s progress is unclear and everyone loses time and money. In fact:


Of Projects Finish
Behind Schedule


Of Projects Finish
Over Budget

*According to 2016 Dodge and Data Analytics Study

Your decisions are costing you.
But that’s about to change.

SmartTrack gives a real dollars-and-cents value to site documentation. That’s value we get right away, not just a cheap insurance policy.

Brendan Murray

Chief Financial Officer, Southmost Drywall

From Site Walks to Insights

Low Effort. High Value.

SmartTrack® is an automated production tracking tool that makes tracking visible scopes-of-work an organized and seamless process. This powerful tool is uniquely capable of providing insight into planned versus actual production rates.

SmartTrack® keeps a finger on the pulse of your projects, providing actionable productivity metrics and visualizing progress using imagery captured through site documentation.


SmartTrack® Fuels Construction, Allowing Teams To:

Save Time

Eliminate busywork, identify problem areas, and make decisions that keep projects on track.

Increase Accuracy

Manual processes are replaced, making gray areas a thing of the past.

Win More Profitable Work

Provide metrics directly to the estimating team to earn more work while guaranteeing margin.

How SmartTrack® Works

Intelligent Software Built For Today

  • Project Dashboard
  • Floor Plan View
  • VideoWalk®

Data Becomes Intelligent

SmartTrack®’s dashboard provides powerful project health metrics through a streamlined interface. At a glance, the answers to questions like am I on schedule or am I going over budget become crystal clear.

On a floor plan-by-floor plan basis, the dashboard graphically displays material usage, weekly production rates, and cumulative completion percentage.

These insights are supported by up-to-date site documentation imagery mapped to the floor plan, creating a single source of truth for your team.

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Layers of Insight

Data pulled directly from site documentation imagery, walls/ceilings, framing, and drywall are mapped to your floor plan. Each layer is color-coded by material and installation status, making it easier than ever to understand a project’s progress and the areas lagging behind.

Reviewing a project’s history can be done in an instant, making it possible to easily compare a previous date’s installation status and material usage to present-day or identify what is remaining on the floor.

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From Drawing to Jobsite

VideoWalk® isn’t just the source of SmartTrack®’s data; it’s also integrated into the tool itself. While reviewing a floor plan, you can jump right into the jobsite to see progress for yourself.

The VideoWalk® path is mapped right onto the drawings alongside the installation layers, providing you with unparalleled clarity and a single source of project tracking truth.

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SmartTrack® for
General Contractors

GCs can truly track the rate at which trades are installed, empowering them to forecast scheduling concerns, mitigate risk, and increase margins.

SmartTrack® for
Trade Partners

Trade Partners can instantly eliminate time-intensive tracking processes while better equipping themselves to manage their profitability.


Make better decisions, faster

Put your site documentation to work and get started with SmartTrack® today.