Product Updates

We house our updates here to keep you informed. Please email [email protected] with any questions about any of these updates, or suggestions on what we should work on.

Updates since 4.7.20

Boot Repairs


  • Folders Sort Logic – ABC/123
  • Continued improvements to integration photo archiving
  • Permissions: ability to have one user with two permission types has been fixed
  • Password reset is sent if there are spaces
  • Invitation e-mail link has been fixed
  • Image uploading repairs


iOS & Android

  • Automatic and background sync is now available!

Updates since 2.12.20


  • Updates to Photo Archiving and Drawing Imports for all integrations.
  • Best Frame Selector – Automatically select the best images from your VideoWalk to display the best quality.
  • Image Loading – major loading time & performance improvements.
  • Image Tiling Updates – enhancing the loading time and viewing experience for all media types.
  • Project Drawing List View “Last Updated On” section reflects changes to images/pins

Updates since 12.17.19

Boot Repairs


  • New StructionSite logos
  • Updates to user counts display
  • Update BIM360 Partner Card
  • Updates to the Offline Deliverable



  • Camera WiFi/Connectivity Screens – updated user flow, icons and prompts
  • New StructionSite logos
  • HDR mode for Garmin VIRB
  • Low battery prompt
  • Rotation updates


  • Camera WiFi/Connectivity screens – updated user flow, icons and prompts
  • New StructionSite logos
  • HDR mode for Garmin VIRB
  • Updates to the crosshair toggle
  • VideoWalk™ timeline now available

Updates since 9.11.19


Update – Released 8/12/19

  • Insta360 capture update: There was a change made with the mobile capture that allowed the Insta 360 cameras to save files in their native form, insp. This was reverted back and now it is in jpeg format.
  • Offline Deliverable Updates:
    • Added VideoWalk Timelapse files to be downloaded with the export, no floorplan placeholders will be shown…yet!
    • Updated folder structure by file types for easier navigation.
    • Preserve meta-data when exporting information!

Update – Released 9/3/19

  • One shot upload for 360 images, and VideoWalk™
  • Insta360 Video stitching updates
  • Photo Albums; Delete, Search by Drawing, list & thumbnail view
  • Project Display dashboard, search, list & thumbnail view
  • No more creating of blank tags
  • Fix Mini-map not expanding for public link


Updated iOS App Version 1.32.0 – Released 9/11/19

  • VideoWalk™ Timeline filter – Modified for mobile
  • Tap to hide menu on drawing view, tap to open menu
  • HDR Mode toggle defined by camera
  • If there are 0 projects allow page to load
  • Remove play button for Insta360 ONE X VideoWalks™
  • GPS Calibration – one scaling tool for drawing and one for map

Updated iOS App Version 1.31.0 – Released 8/19/19

  • Sync Screen Updates:
      • We notify users if they have a missing file for them to go straight into the Sync Screen (for recovery).
      • No longer allowing deletion of items during a sync.
      • Some fixes for issues caused by cancelling a sync.
      • Also added logic to bridge both syncs living side by side temporarily. Ideally over time we will be able to delete the old sync logic.
      • Shows a detailed list of failed sync items with recovery steps.
  • Automated Recovery
    • If your mobile device is disconnected during the camera to mobile transfer we can now do an automated recovery where we ask the customer to connect to a specific device and then can pull the files that weren’t recovered properly. Insta360 ONE X videos and photos,  Garmin VIRB 360 videos and photos, and RICOH Theta Photos
  • Insta 360 VideoWalk
    • VideoWalk™ available now on all Insta360 ONE X camera’s
  • iOS Remember your Split View Locations
    • We now remember all orientations of the split screen for all 360 image combinations, including progress images
    • Store different split view options on your device to eliminate the need to align the same photos over and over again
  • BIM 360 Single Sign On

Updates since 7.25.2019


New project home page
We have created a true home page so that you can quickly see all of your projects upon signing in.

Timeline for VideoWalks
We have changed the ability to view VideoWalks from having to scroll through the calendar view, to now having a more streamlined timeline view at the bottom of your screen. Simply click on the filter button and select the dates of walks you’d like to see.

Public Project Link
Public project links can either be “Enabled” or “Disabled” for a project. This link can be shared with anyone and provides them access to the project in a view only mode. We have updated the permissions so if you have already shared a link but want to terminate anyones access all you have to do is click “Disable” this feature and then save. If you would like more information on how to use the Public Project Links follow this articles instructions:

Users have asked and we listened, now you are able to zoom in and out in a more incremental manner!

GDPR Compliance
We are now GDPR compliant and have removed the EU block!


iOS App Version 1.30.0

iOSStore your 360 Camera Info for Easy Login
For easier 360 capture you can now store the information for any device after the first time connecting!

iOS Remember your Split View Locations
Store different split view options on your device to eliminate the need to align the same photos over and over again!

iOS capture Insta360 images in .jpg file type
Insta 360 camera was capturing in the .insp file type. This has been modified to only capture in .jpeg.

Android VideoWalk!!!!
We are now supporting the VideoWalk functionality on Android devices.

UPDATES since 7.16.2019



  • Fixed bug with incorrect numbering of RFIs
  • Adding RFI/Observation title has changed from Add Chat to Add Note to match across platforms.


  • Timeline view in lieu of the calendar for VideoWalks.
  • Outline all steps of VideoWalk, define what is tracked and what needs to be. Create a way to track the sync failures between WEB & Mobile.


  • When you upload a drawing the drawing should load on the screen without having to refresh.
  • PDF Export sheet size consistency fixed.

Admin Panel:

  • Ability to delete a user: Remove from all projects, remove pending invites, remove user from admin panel.
  • Support ticket move drawings from one project to another.


  • Updated Terms of Services and Privacy page.

UPDATES since 7.7.2019



  • Renamed Mobile Chat to Notes. This now matches WEB.
  • Modified click to add, and click to reposition. Fixed VideoWalk notes to sync across web & mobile.


  • Added a 3 page slider prompt for best practices. This is presented 3 times, at least a week apart.
  • Added a visual countdown for VideoWalks that let’s people know a VideoWalk is about to start.
  • Added toggle in Settings for VideoWalk VIRB FIT uploads. This will allow us to correct tilt on VIRB VideoWalks. This is pending additional work on the web side. Updates to follow.
  • Fix for showing VideoWalks offline.
  • Fix for VideoWalk continuation logic.
  • Removed old VideoWalk best practices alert and now sending to Web page.
  • Improved VideoWalk analytics for tracking and future improvements.


  • Fix for mobile device having an incorrect date & time. This is a security issue which causes all network calls to fail. Proper error alert and messaging.
  • Fix for Pending Pin Image Upload when Pin Image has been deleted.
  • Adding logging for VideoWalk Size Requests.

Insta One X VideoWalk:

  • Fix for being stuck in a VideoWalk loop when not having any network.
  • Fix for live preview related VideoWalk shenanigans.


  • Fix for more consistent deleting of pins.
  • Wrap up of large recovery project.
  • Fix for drawing calibration bug.

UPDATES since 5.30.2019

For Web:

  • Faster turnaround times for VideoWalks; current processing time for 95% of videowalks is <24 hours, assuming best practices for field capture are followed
  • Fixed a bug where password reset emails were not using our professional GDPR-compliant templates
  • Fixed a bug where some projects would not have optimized fast photo loading
  • Many bug fixes to photo albums and other various issues regarding filtering

For iOS:

  • Gear360 2016 and 2017 cameras now work perfectly again!
  • Fixed a bug that caused some users to have VideoWalks that fail to properly upload. This should highly increase reliability
  • When viewing photos in split-view, the images are no longer stretched
  • Inter-hotspot jumping in VideoWalks now provide a smooth transition
  • Added popup message to prevent accidentally stopping a VideoWalk too soon (if <5 seconds) while doing a walk

For Admin Panel:

  • Added mixpanel tracking for all events to all page views & actions
  • Added month over month views chart
  • Added Top 5 users and projects by view count
  • Displayed videowalks count