Product Updates

We house our updates here to keep you informed. Please email [email protected] with any questions about any of these updates, or suggestions on what we should work on.

UPDATES since 7.7.2019



  • Renamed Mobile Chat to Notes. This now matches WEB.
  • Modified click to add, and click to reposition. Fixed VideoWalk notes to sync across web & mobile.


  • Added a 3 page slider prompt for best practices. This is presented 3 times, at least a week apart.
  • Added a visual countdown for VideoWalks that let’s people know a VideoWalk is about to start.
  • Added toggle in Settings for VideoWalk VIRB FIT uploads. This will allow us to correct tilt on VIRB VideoWalks. This is pending additional work on the web side. Updates to follow.
  • Fix for showing VideoWalks offline.
  • Fix for VideoWalk continuation logic.
  • Removed old VideoWalk best practices alert and now sending to Web page.
  • Improved VideoWalk analytics for tracking and future improvements.


  • Fix for mobile device having an incorrect date & time. This is a security issue which causes all network calls to fail. Proper error alert and messaging.
  • Fix for Pending Pin Image Upload when Pin Image has been deleted.
  • Adding logging for VideoWalk Size Requests.

Insta One X VideoWalk:

  • Fix for being stuck in a VideoWalk loop when not having any network.
  • Fix for live preview related VideoWalk shenanigans.


  • Fix for more consistent deleting of pins.
  • Wrap up of large recovery project.
  • Fix for drawing calibration bug.

UPDATES since 5.30.2019

For Web:

  • Faster turnaround times for VideoWalks; current processing time for 95% of videowalks is <24 hours, assuming best practices for field capture are followed
  • Fixed a bug where password reset emails were not using our professional GDPR-compliant templates
  • Fixed a bug where some projects would not have optimized fast photo loading
  • Many bug fixes to photo albums and other various issues regarding filtering

For iOS:

  • Gear360 2016 and 2017 cameras now work perfectly again!
  • Fixed a bug that caused some users to have VideoWalks that fail to properly upload. This should highly increase reliability
  • When viewing photos in split-view, the images are no longer stretched
  • Inter-hotspot jumping in VideoWalks now provide a smooth transition
  • Added popup message to prevent accidentally stopping a VideoWalk too soon (if <5 seconds) while doing a walk

For Admin Panel:

  • Added mixpanel tracking for all events to all page views & actions
  • Added month over month views chart
  • Added Top 5 users and projects by view count
  • Displayed videowalks count

UPDATES since 5.15.2019

Web App:

  • There is now a new “Photo Album” section of the web app, which allows you to view and filter all of the photos in the project at the same time across drawings, sorted by date. This allows you to bulk-tag photos across projects, as well as be able to better access photos bulk-imported via the GPS fence. The interface is similar to many traditional photo-organization apps, so users with familiarity with those apps can feel more at ease as they transition to using StructionSite as a system-of-record for photo capture.
  • You can now enable automated archival of photos to AutoDesk BIM 360, PlanGrid, and BlueBeam Studio Prime!
  • Export of online PDFs will now take into account filters, such that viewing the photos from the PDF will *only* allow access to the photos made available by the filter. If you do not apply any filters upon creating an online PDF export, users will be able to access all progress photos within visible pins.
  • Better sign-in experience on a mobile web browser (adaptive to the screen)
  • Invitation emails fixed
  • You can add drawings from PlanGrid
  • Photos added to StructionSite can be automatically synced to PlanGrid/Photos synced to PlanGrid automatically open up correctly as a 360 photo

UPDATES since 4.30.2019

Web Updates:

  • A more intuitive notification system has been added for videowalks that are still processing. You will now see the exact count of walks still being processed when viewing a drawing, instead of placeholders
  • You can now track number of VideoWalks on a drawing or a project, similar to how you can track standard and 360 photos.
  • You can now filter photos/videos by user more efficiently, by selecting from a list from those who actually took photos, rather than a comprehensive team list -Fixed an issue where a new project created by an enterprise administrator is not immediately visible by that enterprise admin’s dashboard
  • Fixed a bug when using the VideoWalk split view feature, where changing the date of one walk changed the wrong screen
  • Various improvements to VideoWalk pipeline to ensure faster delivery of VideoWalks

iOS Updates:

  • You can now lock the orientation of two side-by-side 360 photos
  • You can now track number of VideoWalks on a drawing or a project, similar to how you can track standard and 360 photos.
  • Auto-enable GPS lock on the Garmin VIRB to ensure correct timestamps for VideoWalks
  • Fixed a bug that caused progress photos to get added to the incorrect pins
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused photos from the Insta360 One X to not stitch
  • Removed “Video Mode” in settings which caused users to confuse it for VideoWalk -Various Stability improvements and enhancements to reliability

UPDATES since 4.02.2019


  • Inter-hotspot jumping inside VideoWalks!
  • Now you can see what orientation you’re facing while looking at a frame in a VideoWalk!
  • Improvements to reliability of Aleta Ultracker S2C camera
  • Fixed a bug that may cause some Insta360 One X to fail to stitch correctly
  • Increased reliability with the Garmin VIRB, to reduce failed video uploads from mobile
  • More intuitive interface when VideoWalks are still undergoing processing
  • Removed “Video mode” setting to remove confusion. Please use “Walk” mode to do VideoWalks!

UPDATES since 4.02.2019


  • VideoWalk frame auto-progress. When you view a VideoWalk frame, and there was another videowalk taken at a different time that has a node close by (approximately 5 feet), it’ll automatically show up in the timeline (similar to if there were progress photos), with the corresponding dates. When clicking split view, it will automatically load the frame. Basically it works similar to progress photos now. More updates to this to come
  • VideoWalk frames now instant-load (progressive tile loading) similar to 360 photos. Important for slower connections/remote jobsites
  • When transitioning around a VideoWalk via hotspots, the mini-map now re-centers based on your current location
  • Added ability to rotate the direction of a directional pin on the web after-the-fact.
  • Fixed a bug related to Procore RFI’s and Observations not showing up or being able to get created for some people
  • Fixed bug in text in project invitation emails where it didn’t list the actual user’s name
  • Fixed bug related to split view of VideoWalks not syncing rotation correctly
  • Tons of other internal bug fixes and optimizations
  • Walks are now no longer shown to users unless our AI/Computer Vision back-end processing has both fully aligned the videowalk to the drawing, and blurry frames removed
  • Highly stabilized the Procore photo sync issues; requires logging out and logging back in to StructionSite using your Procore account to fix it
  • Unsubscribe links in emails fixed


Updates for iOS:

  • Support for Insta360 One X (improved with latest update).
  • Fixed bug where adding a new 360 progress photo would cluster, thus seeming to disappear
  • Made VideoWalk workflow cleaner by optimizing dialog boxes
  • Clearer indicator that a sync is pending
  • Removed default 2 second timer for VIRB photo capture
  • Fix issue for Insta360 One X/VIRB for some users who connected via the manufacturer’s app
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Android Beta is now out! To sign up for the beta, contact us at [email protected]

UPDATES since 1.22.2019


  • New and improved view-cone! Based on your zoom level, the cone will narrow (zoomed in, smaller field of view) or widen (zoomed out, bigger field of view) to assist with better correlating the drawing to what you’re seeing!
  • Improvements for photos syncing to Procore. Duplicate albums no longer being created, and all photos should be able to finish syncing successfully as new photos are added
  • Ability to remove blurry frames from VideoWalks (automatic blurry frame removal coming soon)

UPDATES since 11.28.2018


  • Ability to Filter VideoWalks now works on mobile. Actually, you can filter by any media type now via a toggle on/off, to be more consistent with the web
  • Users who don’t have the latest VIRB firmware (4.1) will now get an alert and will get forwarded to the App store to open up the VIRB app, which will update the firmware in a way that’s much easier and more convenient than having to plug into the computer
  • As the VIRB connects to the phone, you are good to go and don’t have to think about how to change the settings (besides ensuring you have the latest firmware version)
  • Bugs fixed related to uploading VideoWalks
  • Bugs fixed related to some issues with syncing
  • Switching between taking photos and VideoWalks now works perfectly
  • You can now share a VideoWalk frame from mobile
  • Tons of improvements to stability