Product Updates

We house our updates here to keep you informed. Please email with any questions about any of these updates, or suggestions on what we should work on.

UPDATE 09.26.2017

 Web Updates:

  • Faster viewing of 360 photos (because now we utilize multiple secure datacenters local to the user, vs before it was only in California)
  • Public hyperlinks to photos now has timeline navigation view for paid projects
  • Dedicated move button now makes it easier and more intuitive to move pins, and now can’t be “accidentally moved” when panning a floorplan
  • If user is part of any project that is paid, their account page will list them as part of a “Project Team Plan” instead of being an expired individual user
  • Last updated on project and drawings is now based on last photo added, so it’s more intuitive
  • Additional filters, such as filter by user or quickly filter based on last 7 days, 30 days, this week, etc.
  • All relevant photo meta-data (file name, project, drawing, date taken, etc.) is now easily viewable via publicly-encrypted share links
  • Added ability for zooming/panning on standard photos

 iOS Updates:

  • Added ability to generate sharable links for easy emailing or texting
  • Added ability to add photos to new or existing pins from your camera roll, in case you didn’t use StructionSite to take your photos on-site
  • New slide-out menu buttons allow you access to quick sharing, deleting, or adding of photos
  • Added ability to rotate a standard photo by tapping on rotational buttons where the photo will be placed (if you have fat fingers, then you’ll love this feature)
  • Added the ability to create and manage projects/drawings from mobile (note: drawings must be photos from either your camera roll, or a picture that you take)
  • Added an onboarding screen to assist new users with how to get the most out of StructionSite
  • The “updated date” for projects and drawings now (more intuitively) reflects the last time a photo was taken on that project or drawing