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Take your image search from 30 minutes to 30 seconds with AI-powered organization.

Your Virtual Jobsite

Find your photos easily with AI-powered organization.

StructionSite allows teams to easily capture jobsite progress through the use of standard photos, 360 photos and 360 videos that are mapped to floor plan. Give your teams access to your virtual jobsite.
How it works

A field-first workflow with
more flexibility.

Our web and mobile application is designed with field-first workflow, so it’s easy to capture in the field--with standard photos, 360° photos and 360° video--and then share the digital jobsite with the office and other stakeholders.
Identify your location
on the floor plan
Select your capture method and walk the site
Sync and share the
digital jobsite

Take your site documentation to the next level.

By leveraging the 360°  VideoWalks from our Site Documentation tool, SmartTrack automatically quantifies visual scopes of work so you can track progress against schedule, budget and labor.

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Why the data matters

The benefits are real.

Protect Your Budget

"We tested out systems putting them head-to-head and ended up picking StructionSite for usability and quality of video. It was a good insurance policy. Seeing behind the wall is always a good thing after you close it up...that saved us from having to pull it apart."

Mike Ernst
Insights & Innovation
Ryan Companies

Minimize Rework

“We saved about $50K worth of testing and an unknown amount of the test failed, plus rework costs. Thanks to StructionSite’s site doc, that clearly showed what was installed before we framed the walls...It’s pretty priceless, you can’t put a price on what it would have taken to repair.”

Harsh Kalbhor
Project Engineer
PCI Performance Contracting

Save Time

“You’re able to get information very quickly, from your computer or elsewhere. It’s like having the construction site in your pocket.”

Val Tzvetkov
Senior Manager of Virtual Design & Construction

Plan More Efficiently

“We are able to plan more efficiently by quickly accessing up-to-date photographic information from all areas of the jobsite, and directing labor accordingly. This allows a large group of foremen and superintendents to make location-specific plans without needing to physically walk all locations on a large project.”

Caleb Kesling
Project Superintendent
Turner Construction Company

Make job site capture a differentiator,
not a time-waster.

Our unique pricing tiers are built to suit the unique needs of teams and projects of all sizes. Meet with one of our industry expert Account Executives to learn everything our application has to offer.

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