View the jobsite status from anywhere, at anytime.

The easiest photo and video site documentation app for the field to provide visibility into daily project updates for the whole team. 

Site Documentation

Track production rates with visual data.

Take your site documentation to the next level translating daily project updates into production tracking metrics.


A Site Documentation Platform Built For Construction

StructionSite was built by construction veterans who were tired of dealing with time-consuming paperwork, unlabeled photos, and disorganized project updates.

StructionSite solves the site documentation problems of today with an easy-to-use platform that lets you seamlessly track a project’s progress, no matter where you are.

Reduce Rework

With a single source of truth for your jobsite, costly acts of chipping out concrete and needlessly poking holes in drywall is a thing of the past.

Increase Efficiency

Need to review a field condition on Level 3? Don’t waste 30 minutes walking back and forth, pull it up on StructionSite! Needless jobwalks are a silent killer, spend your time on more productive work!

Reduce Risk

When your site is historically documented, validating delay claims, trade damage, and warranty issues is a snap. Save yourself the headache when things go sideways, StructionSite has your back.

The StructionSite Product Suite

Document More. Waste Less.

The StructionSite platform has its own toolbox of add-on products that bring site documentation into the 21st century. These tools build on StructionSite’s capabilities to transform the way you document jobsites, manage resources, and ultimately, impress your clients.

Site Documentation

360° site documentation, matched seamlessly to your digital floor plans. Document 30,000 sq. ft. in under 5 minutes.

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Automated production tracking platform that makes tracking visible scopes-of-work an organized and seamless process.

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Trusted By Industry Leaders

StructionSite has boots on the ground with forward-thinking construction firms across the country. Learn their stories to see how StructionSite can change the way you operate and create new efficiencies.

StructionSite Summit 2020 On Demand

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Mortenson has been using 360 photo technology for many years and StructionSite is not only simplifying but also expediting the process. On one of our projects, we reduced our photo capturing from an 8-hour walk around the project to a 2-hour VideoWalk™.”

Santino Medina

Senior Integrated Construction Coordinator, Mortenson

We are using StructionSite for the majority of our weekly meetings. Now that the trades can see field conditions, it opens up entirely new coordination dialog.”

Mike Jakes

VDC Product Manager, XL Construction

We had one job where the MEP estimator and design team would jump in a web meeting and pull up StructionSite. Then after every meeting he would tell us ‘Hey, we just used StructionSite again, it was awesome!’”

Justin Porter

Senior VDC Manager, Truebeck Construction

“StructionSite has enabled us to place the construction site in every project stakeholder’s pocket. As our CDE for image data, it has enabled us to capture, find and leverage crucial visual information in minutes.”

Val Tzvetkov

Manager of Virtual Design and Construction, Skanska

“With projects around the world, we want to be able to streamline operations, review documentation, learn from best practices our teams are establishing and adjust estimates and projections based on what happens in real-world environments — not to mention simply checking in visually on-site. StructionSite provides these capabilities. It is as if it was designed around our needs.”

Mark Bryant


Created For Builders,
By Builders

We aren’t a tech company looking to disrupt an industry. We’re construction industry veterans solving the problems we faced every single day.

Learn more about the team behind StructionSite and how we plan to make your operations easier.

Make Jobsite Capture a Differentiator, Not a Time-Waster.

Empower Your Team and Impress your Clients with StructionSite.