StructionSite Now Integrates with PlanGrid

Priyank Savla
November 20, 2019

Here at StructionSite, we’re keeping a finger on the pulse of the technological transformation happening across the construction industry. (After all, we’re part of it.) It’s been exciting to see how new software solutions have enabled greater productivity, easier communication, stronger risk mitigation, and more. And PlanGrid®  is a perfect example of a technology platform that delivers all of those benefits — and more — to GCs, owners, and subs. And that’s why we’ve partnered with them to integrate StructionSite and PlanGrid. 

Now, you can use PlanGrid’s construction software to access all of your project information, including your StructionSite 360° documentation photos. We’ve integrated our two solutions so they flow seamlessly. You’ll never need to worry about the latest data getting siloed in one application or the other. With StructionSite and PlanGrid easily connected, your workflows are more streamlined. Here are some highlights of this new integration. 

Automatic PlanGrid and StructionSite syncing

You have drawings in PlanGrid and photos in StructionSite. They’re both helpful tools for you, but what if you want to compare a current progress photo to the latest iteration of a drawing? Don’t worry. You won’t have to switch back and forth between tabs or apps. 

PlanGrid and StructionSite automatically sync all drawings and photos between them. Pull up the latest revisioned drawings in StructionSite or the progress photos you captured this morning in PlanGrid. The latest version of whatever you need is at your fingertips, whenever you need it and in whichever application is most convenient for you. 

View photos in 360° in PlanGrid

Let’s say you’re working on an RFI. You want to know the latest state of a specific part of your project. With other photo documentation tools, that could mean flipping through countless photos only to find the exact angle you need isn’t there. With StructionSite and PlanGrid, it’s not a problem. You can click on the photo of the area you need to look at within PlanGrid. In your PlanGrid application, you’re able to navigate around the 360° photo you took with StructionSite, gathering all the information you need with a few clicks. 

Technology helps everyone — from owners to general contractors to subs — work together more efficiently. But we didn’t want to stop there. So we built out this PlanGrid and StructionSite integration to help you build even more efficiency into every project you take on. 

No need to switch between apps. No need to push the latest updated information between them. Just construction technology that makes it easier to do your best work every day. Want to learn more? View our integration video, or take StructionSite for a spin with our free trial

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