Bulley & Andrews

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The Challenge

Everyone from owners to subcontractors now expects digital documentation of projects every step of the way. For Bulley & Andrews, this meant using one primary software, supplemented by an estimated dozen others, in order to accurately capture, annotate, update and share jobsite pictures.

Although Bulley & Andrews was building quality into each step of each of their projects, this jumble of tech made it hard to showcase. In some cases, project pictures were stored in folders, and in the best-case scenario, each was dated accurately so the necessary parties could manually flip through them.

The Summary

All of that changed when Bulley & Andrews adopted StructionSite. Virtually overnight, they had an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution that streamlined the documentation process of each Bulley & Andrews jobsite.  Not only does StructionSite give Bulley & Andrews a tool to regularly and easily capture 360° walkthrough views of their projects, but it also helps them put that documentation to work for them.

StructionSite supports every part of the Bulley & Andrews process: from selling the job to project completion. This tool delivers the support they need to not only ensure they can maintain their quality levels in the digital age, but also the proof behind that promise.

Make job site capture a differentiator,
not a time-waster.

Empower Your Team and Impress your Clients with StructionSite.

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